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With T-Mobile ONE, get 4 lines for just $40 each. Taxes and fees will be included starting with your February charges, so what you see is what you'll pay.

That’s it. Taxes & fees included.
Only $120/mo. Taxes & fees included.
Just $140/mo. Taxes & fees included.
$160/mo. Taxes & fees included.

That’s it. Taxes & fees included.
Only $120/mo. Taxes & fees included.
Just $140/mo. Taxes & fees included.
$160/mo. Taxes & fees included.
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Current customers on T-Mobile ONE or another plan, sign up here

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Sign up for KickBack™ and get a bill credit every month for each T-Mobile ONE line that uses less than 2GB.

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Add T-Mobile ONE Plus for +$15/line/mo

  • Gogo Full Flight Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Go abroad with 2x the data speed
  • Voicemail to Text
  • Name ID
  • Unlimited HD day passes for video streaming


Add T-Mobile ONE Plus International for +$25/line/mo

  • Gogo Full Flight Unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Go abroad with 2x the data speeds
  • Voicemail to Text
  • Name ID
  • Unlimited HD passes for video streaming
  • + Unlimited international calling to landlines in 70+ countries and mobile numbers in 30+ countries
  • + Unlimited 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot
Add a tablet line for $20/MO, wearable line for $5/MO

add a tablet line for $20/mo

wearable line for $5/mo

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Add a tablet line for $20/MO, wearable line for $5/MO


We think you will want to switch when you see all the benefits T-Mobile ONE has to offer. However, we do offer other limited options that may better fit your needs.

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Pay by the month, or pay as you go. Plus, you can get access to our fast nationwide 4G LTE network. No annual service contract required.

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T-Mobile ONE with No Credit Check

Skip the credit check and still get Unlimited everything.

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Got Questions?

If I have T-Mobile ONE™ already, do I automatically get the taxes and fees included benefit?

You are not automatically enrolled. We think everyone will want to switch but at T-Mobile customers always have the choice. You can pre-register for this new feature here to get your taxes and fees included effective with your February charges.

Which customers can get T-Mobile ONE™ with taxes and fees included?

Postpaid T-Mobile ONE customers, @work and Puerto Rico, and employees (accounts up to 12 lines), and T-Mobile ONE No Credit Check customers are also eligible. Pre-paid T-Mobile, Simple Choice No Credit Check & accounts over 12 lines are NOT eligible. Customers participating in the DIGITS beta will be able to enroll a few weeks after launch.

Do all lines on my account have to be on the taxes and fees inclusive plan?

Yes. When you sign up for T-Mobile ONE™ taxes and fees inclusive, we will migrate all of your lines.

  • Voice lines will move to T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees included.
  • Existing MINT lines will be migrated to the T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees included MINT plan (regardless of the current rate plan).
  • Existing wearable lines will be migrated from the Simple Choice with 500MB plan to the T-Mobile ONE taxes and fees included Wearable with unlimited data at 512kbps.
  • Existing LineLink, SyncUp Drive, or Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan being used on a Hotspot device will become taxes and fees inclusive. The price on your LineLink and Simple Choice Mobile Internet plan will increase by $5 if Autopay is not enabled.
Are there any taxes and fees that are not included with T-Mobile ONE™?

All applicable monthly regulatory fees and sales taxes on your service plan are now included with T-Mobile ONE! Remember that this feature applies to your monthly service price - you may see separate taxes and/or fees on other things, for example:

  • Activities that aren’t part of your monthly service, such as buying extra data passes, late or restore fees, device upgrade support charge, calling from foreign countries, etc.
  • Device and accessory purchases plus SIM starter kits will continue to be taxed at time of purchase.
  • JUMP!™ On Demand customers will still have to pay taxes each month as those are associated with the device and not the service plan cost.
    • Premium Handset Protection® when added to a tax/fees included T-Mobile ONE plan will have taxes/fees included.
If I signed up for T-Mobile ONE™ during the 4th line free promotion (or buy 2 get 2) will my price increase?

As a reward for being an early adopter of T-Mobile ONE, customers on these earlier promotions are exclusively eligible for a new promotion that saves them even more money than their current monthly service charge after taxes/fees.

  • If you have the 4th line free promo, you currently pay $140 plus taxes and fees for 4 lines. The new offer for those customers is 4 lines for $150 with taxes and fees included. These customers will save even more money than with the promo!
  • Buy 2 Get 2 price goes from $120 + taxes and fees to $130 with taxes and fees included.
  • You will lose any ‘free lines’ you have, but in virtually all cases you will save money vs either promotion.
Will existing Simple Choice customers still be able to update their plans, add lines?

Yes. Current Simple Choice customers can keep the plans as long as they want, and most can add new lines under the rules of your existing plan.

  • Simple Choice single line customers cannot add lines, but they can change their data amounts
  • Simple Choice multi-line customers can add lines and change their data amounts
  • Simple Choice Family Match customers can add lines at the same or higher data level
How do I get KickBack™?

Starting Jan 22, 2017, customers on a postpaid T-Mobile ONE™ voice and/or tablet plan can opt-in to KickBack through the T-Mobile app or at You may do so at any point in your billing cycle, but must do so before your bill cycle closes. Just opt in for each line you want to join the program on your account (up to 12).

How Does KickBack™ Work?

KickBack pays you back for data you don’t use. If your total monthly data usage on any line (on device & tethering) is 2GB or less and you pay on time, we will credit you up to $10 per line on your next bill (you must remain active & in good standing when the credit is applied). If your line price is less than $10, your KickBack™ would bring your net line price down to $0 (If you’re on a plan where taxes aren’t included, you’d still pay taxes and fees). KickBack is available on voice and tablet lines. You can view data usage for your current plan on the T-Mobile app or by dialing #web# and selecting the “total on-network data” amount. If you enroll in KickBack, we will also notify you if you are getting close to 2GB of data usage.

Does music, video or international data count towards my KickBack™ data use? Why or why not?

Yes it counts. Since T-Mobile ONE™ is an unlimited plan, features like Binge On™ and Music Freedom® are not included because you get unlimited 4G LTE data on your smartphone, plus unlimited video typically streaming at 480p.

Can I get my KickBack™ $10 on top of other promos that I already have?

KickBack is combinable with most promotions, but may not be eligible to combine with future promotions.

Hasn’t the Un-contract been around, what’s new?

Yes, the Un-contract was introduced for Simple Choice and is now extending to include T-Mobile ONE.

There’s nothing extra to sign up for, it’s just our promise to you that we won’t jack up your price for unlimited 4G LTE on your smartphone or tablet for as long as you’re a customer in good standing with T-Mobile ONE.

Does the Un-contract cover promotions or other services?

Some promotional rate plans (like our 4th line free promotion) are covered and you can keep that price until you make a change.

  • The price you pay for unlimited 4G LTE on your smartphone or tablet won’t change, but other aspects of your service are subject to change.
  • Other promotional offers, bill credits and future additional lines are not included. It does not apply to add-on features, non-recurring costs or additional services such as JUMP! or 3rd party charges.
  • To provide the best possible experience we implement network management practices and will continue to do so.
What happens if you do raise the price of my T-Mobile ONE service?

The Un-contract is our commitment that only you can change what you pay and we mean it! To show just how serious we are we have committed to pay your final month’s recurring service charges if we were to raise prices and you choose to leave. Just let us know within 60 days.

How do I sign up for AutoPay?

Simply log into your account on My T-Mobile and select the AutoPay section under your bill’s due date. From there, you will be prompted to enter your billing information to set up AutoPay to enroll in recurring payments/

Can I choose to add HD video?

Video streaming in T-Mobile ONE has been optimized to a resolution that offers great quality on a smartphone screen. However, if you want higher definition for a larger screen, you can add T-Mobile ONE Plus or T-Mobile ONE Plus International, which includes unlimited HD Day Passes.

What changes were made to T-Mobile ONE Plus?

T-Mobile ONE Plus has a new set of features so now you can do more in more places for only $15 when you add it to any new or existing T-Mobile ONE line.

Now get:

  • Unlimited Gogo: Wi-Fi for the full flight
  • 2X faster international data speeds: 256kbps speeds in 140+ countries and destinations
  • Unlimited HD day passes: Stream video in high definition as often as you want
  • Voicemail to Text: Voicemails transcribed into text or email
  • Name ID:Screen calls and block numbers
What additional features do I get with T-Mobile ONE Plus International?

You get all of the features of T-Mobile ONE Plus with two added benefits. Get stateside international talk and unlimited 4G LTE mobile hotspot for just $25 a month when added to a T-Mobile ONE line.

What is Stateside International Talk?

Stateside International Talk lets you keep in touch with friends and family outside of the USA. Get all these features when you call or text from the U.S., Mexico, and Canada:

  • Unlimited calling to landlines in 70+ countries and to mobile numbers in 30+ countries.
  • Unlimited texting to virtually anywhere (exception: countries that block text messages).
  • Discounted calling rates to all numbers in 200+ countries.
How is the Gogo in-flight feature different from what every T-Mobile customer already gets?

Yes! All T-Mobile customers get 1 hour of free Wi-Fi on their mobile device on Gogo-enabled flights. Now, customers that add the ONE Plus Bundle, or upgrade to T-Mobile ONE Plus International, will get unlimited Gogo Wi-Fi for the entire flight! Gogo Wi-Fi enables email, text and web browsing, however music and video streaming are not allowed in-flight.

What plans are eligible to add T-Mobile ONE Plus and ONE Plus International?

T-Mobile ONE Plus and ONE Plus International may be added to any postpaid T-Mobile ONE line, including @Work customers. If you are on a postpaid Simple Choice plan, you may move to T-Mobile ONE to be eligible.

No credit customers are eligible to add the service but are limited to international calls that do not result in a charge. No credit check customers are not eligible to roam internationally.

What if I already had T-Mobile ONE Plus before December 20th? Do I get these additional features?

Yes! Customers who already signed up for T-Mobile ONE Plus will automatically receive the new features (Stateside International Talk, unlimited Gogo Wi-Fi all flight long, Name ID and Voicemail to Text). All new features will be available at the start of the next billing cycle, after December 20.

Are tablets eligible for T-Mobile ONE Plus & T-Mobile ONE Plus International?

Tablets can add the service but will not receive SIT, Name ID, Unlimited GOGO Wi-Fi, or Voicemail to Text. They do get the benefit of unlimited 4G LTE tethering, 2x Simple Global data speeds and unlimited HD day passes.

No credit Check tablets are not eligible but can purchase One Plus w/Mobile Hotspot for $25. This includes unlimited tethering and unlimited day passes.

Can I use unlimited Gogo Wi-Fi on my tablet?

Not at this time. Although tablets can add T-Mobile ONE Plus International, the newly added features only apply to smartphones.

What is an HD day pass? Why do I need one if I have unlimited data?

Video streaming with T-Mobile ONE has been optimized to a resolution that offers DVD quality on a smartphone screen. For the occasions that you may want higher definition on a larger screen, you can use the My T-Mobile app to purchase an HD day pass. T-Mobile ONE Plus and ONE Plus International include unlimited HD Day passes so you can stream in HD as often as you want.

What is Voicemail to Text and Name ID?
  • Voicemail to Text is a service that transcribes voicemails into text and displays them within the Visual Voicemail app (Android devices), or sends them as an SMS or email message for fast reading. Apple devices already come with this feature included; no action needed.
  • Name ID is an integrated app made exclusively for your T-Mobile phone (Android devices); by showing the name and number of an incoming mobile or landline caller even when they’re not in your address book. T-Mobile Name ID gives you superior caller ID, text ID, and the power to block unwanted calls and texts.
    • For Apple devices, a Name ID app isn’t available at this time. A user can still have the service, and it will display calling party name, but without any additional features the app provides such as blocking and reverse number lookup.
How does Name ID work on Android devices?

You will need the following:

  • A T-Mobile Account.
  • The T-Mobile Name ID application on your Android phone. It will either be on your phone as a preloaded application or you may download it from the Google Play store.
  • The latest version of T-Mobile Name ID with scam and spam call protection is available on Android phones with the Android Lollipop (5.0) and Marshmallow (6.0) platforms. Open your T-Mobile application to see if the update is available on your phone.

The T-Mobile Name ID service, the Communications Bundle, or T-Mobile ONE Plus on your account.

How do I add the T-Mobile Name ID service?
  • Look for the T-Mobile Name ID application on your Android phone. If preloaded, then click the icon to open the application and follow the prompts to begin service.
  • If you have the T-Mobile Name ID application on your phone, you may also log in to your account on My T-Mobile to get T-Mobile Name ID. To add the T-Mobile Name ID feature to a phone line, click "View Plan Details," then click "Change Services," then scroll down to "Other" and look for "Name ID." Check the box to add this feature to your line.
  • If you're running into trouble with the app, check out our troubleshooting tips.
  • You can find out more about Name ID here.
What is the T-Mobile ONE No Credit Check plan?

T-Mobile ONE is now available without a credit check, so you can get unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data without running your credit. New and existing customers are eligible to activate or move to this plan. This No Credit Check option requires a deposit and is not eligible for device financing. No Credit Check is not eligible for any AutoPay discounts and requires a deposit.

Deposit amounts:

  • Line 1: $50
  • Line 2: $30
  • Lines 3–5: $10
Can I bring my own devices and still activate a T-Mobile ONE No Credit Check plan?

Absolutely! There is no device requirement for this plan.

Do JUMP! On Demand, JUMP!, Equipment Installment Plans (EIP), and FRP device payment plans qualify?

No, No Credit Check plans are not eligible for device financing. However, if you pay your T-Mobile bill on time for 12 consecutive months, you’ll be eligible to move to a plan that helps you get the best pricing on our smartphones and other devices.

Can I call internationally with T-Mobile ONE No Credit Check plan?

Yes, you can call countries that do not result in a charge, like Canada and Mexico. No Credit Check plans cannot incur additional charges on their bill. You can also add Stateside International Talk for $15 per month to your plan and get discounted calling rates in 200+ countries.

Can I roam domestically or internationally with T-Mobile ONE No Credit Check plan?

No, you can only use your device on the T-Mobile network, except for Wi-Fi. T-Mobile ONE No Credit Check does not include Simple Global or any international roaming, but it does include 200MB of domestic roaming.

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