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Don’t sacrifice style for protection

Now you don’t have to sacrifice style and looks for great protection. T-Mobile has a complete line of fashion cases that make you look good while protecting your phone from the bumps of everyday life.

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Tech21 Evo Check cases

Unique hybrid FlexShock material absorbs, dissipates, and repels impact. Available for select Apple, HTC, LG and Samsung phones.

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OtterBox Defender cases

Multi-layer case with built-in touch-screen protector to fight off scratches and scrapes. Available for select Apple, LG and Samsung phones.

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Tech21 Evo Wallet

Ultra-thin case that offers superior protection against shock and helps prevent scratches. Slot holds credit or ID card. Doubles as stand for hands-free viewing. Available for select Apple, LG and Samsung phones.

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Case-Mate Naked Tough Clear

Ultra-slim design reduced impact and shock and features a smooth, clear finish that resists scratches. Available for select Apple, Samsung and LG phones.

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Device protection options for the way you live

Whether you’re just a casual phone user or someone who beats your phone to death, there’s the right phone case out there. Here are some things to consider to help you find it.

Go basic

Looking for a simple solution for device protection? These case options keep your phone looking sleek while providing protection from scratches and minimal drops.

Go stylish

Amp up your style game with these chic yet protective case options and see how much case envy you can whip up.

Go functional

Need your case to do more than look good and protect your phone? Some cases have added functionality like kickstand and credit card holders.

Go durable

If your lifestyle is a little more, shall we say, clumsy, or perhaps you let your kids play with your device, then protection that gives your device more durability is critical. Get protection and peace of mind before an accident happens.

Go rugged

If you’re frequently around water, dirt, or snow, or you just need worry-free protection for your phone, some of these cases are the way to go.

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PureGear Roll-On Screen Protector

Screen Protection made simple with PureGear's patented application tray and roller. Fast error-free application tray ensures perfect alignment.

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Case-Mate Gilded Glass Iridescent

Gilded Glass offers stellar protection with beautifully etched metallic and iridescent patterns.

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Tech21 Impact Shield

Self-healing screen protector with impact protection and anti-scratch material. Available for select Apple, HTC, LG and Samsung phones.

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Whoosh! Screen Shine GO

With about 250 sprays per bottle, you can totally keep your tech devices clean & shining like new.

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Prevent scratches and smears.

Don’t let a scratch ruin your device’s screen. Before you buy, think about what the right level of protection is for you.

Basic protection

T-Mobile® brand screen protectors provide simple and worry-free protection against scratches from everyday items like coins and keys. They come two to a pack.

Self healing

Use protectors with more advanced layers of self-healing film for stronger scratch and drop protection. Can be applied to curved screens as well.


Keep the actual glass feel at your fingertips, and get protection that resists the worst kinds of scratches and impacts.


Screen protectors with an anti-glare coating will help reduce glare from the sun for better outdoor visibility.

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Check out phone cases from these popular brands.

Featured Phone Protection Solutions at T-Mobile

OtterBox Symmetry

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Tech21 Evo Glass

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Incipio Design Series

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