2014 Annual Report

A Message to the Shareholders

2014 was our best year of growth ever. Making T-Mobile America's fastest growing wireless company.

In 2013, we introduced real change in the wireless industry by identifying and eliminating customer pain points. In 2014, we continued to focus on listening to what consumers wanted and responded with more disruptive Un-carrier moves and rapid cutting-edge network advancements. Consumers responded by joining T-Mobile in record numbers.

A Year ofUn-CarrierMoves


Un-Carrier 4.0


Un-Carrier 5.0


Un-Carrier 6.0


Un-Carrier 7.0


Un-Carrier 8.0


Un-Carrier 9.0

Contract Freedom for Families

In January 2014, we launched Un-carrier 4.0—Contract Freedom—our promise to pay the early termination fees of individuals and families who make the switch to T-Mobile. By the end of Q1 2015, approximately 1.8 million customers have taken advantage of this Un-carrier initiative.

Test Drive

With Un-carrier 5.0, we offered 1 million Americans an iPhone 5s and unlimited nationwide service to take our Data Strong network for a seven-day spin at no risk and no cost whatsoever. With T-Mobile Test Drive there's no more buying blind.

Music Freedom

Un-carrier 6.0 brought Music Freedom to millions of Americans who now stream all the music they want from the most popular streaming services without ever hitting their 4G data allotment. By the end of Q1 2015, our customers were streaming an incredible 99 million songs a day.

Wi-Fi Un-leashed

Un-carrier 7.0 un-leashed our customers to call and text over any Wi-Fi connection worldwide for coverage where no cellular network can reach—from underground to 30,000 feet. By the end of Q1 2015, T-Mobile customers were making more than 9.4 million Wi-Fi calls a day.

Data Stash

With the launch of Un-carrier 8.0—Data Stash—T-Mobile became the first and only national wireless provider to let you roll your unused high-speed data forward for up to a full year. At the end of Q1 2015, 2 million customers are reaping the benefits and dipping into their "stash."

Business Un-leashed

And with Un-carrier 9.0, we are attacking the old-guard carriers' last stronghold and taking the revolution to business—bringing 100% transparent pricing, the best rates, business family discounts and other new benefits to US businesses of all sizes.

2014 Year in Review

America'sFastest Nationwide 4G LTE Network


In January, millions of real-world customer speed tests proved we’d built America’s fastest nationwide 4G LTE network. Customers have been clocking blazing-fast data download speeds of up to 147 Mbps—because we built our network Data Strong—with more data capacity per customer than Verizon or AT&T.

265 MillionAmericanswith 4G LTE

By the end of 2014, we’d already reached 265 million Americans with 4G LTE, building the foundation for 300 million by the end of 2015 and giving T-Mobile parity with the other national wireless providers.

T-Mobile WidebandLTE

In 2014, we also continued the rollout of T-Mobile Wideband LTE—reaching 121 markets nationwide by the end of the year—and began the deployment of newly acquired 700 MHz A-Block spectrum.

America'sFastestGrowing WirelessCompany

Delivering strong financial performance and creating shareholder value.

In 2014, we delivered our best customer growth in T-Mobile's history. We captured a record-setting 8.3 million total net customer additions—including nearly 100% of new postpaid phone customers across the industry. MetroPCS was a huge contributor after achieving 21% growth in its customer base since the business combination, helping T-Mobile become the #1 facilities-based prepaid brand in America. And that epic customer growth translated directly into strong financials—we delivered 13.1% total revenue growth, 9% service revenue growth and 6% growth in Adjusted EBITDA year-over-year on a pro forma combined basis. BOOM.

Total revenue up13.1%year-over-year to$29.6 billion

Service revenue up9.0%year-over-year to$22.4 billion

Adjusted EBITDA grew 6%year-over-year

Our People

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