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IntroducingT-MobileTest Drive

T-Mobile Test Drive Free Trial

Test drive the network

The T-Mobile network has never been more powerful. That's why we're letting you take the network built for data for a spin with unlimited calls, texts, posts, likes, streams, and downloads—free for 7 days. Then decide for yourself.

It's simple and FREE.

  1. We'll send you an iPhone 5s with iOS 8.

  2. Take 7 days to see what the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network can do.

  3. Return the iPhone 5s to your nearest T-Mobile retail store.

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The network that is data strong

The fastest nationwide 4G LTE network reaches over 265 million people. Now you can try it out—free for 7 days, on an iPhone 5s and give our network a workout.

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Everything else you should know

  • The iPhone 5s test device with iOS 8 must be ordered online. It will be delivered by mail.
    You must sign for it and be at least 18 years old to sign.

  • T-Mobile Test Drive is free for 7 days and starts when the device is signed for.

  • After 7 days you must return it in good condition to a T-Mobile retail store (not an authorized retailer) so it's important you know where your nearest retail store is. Find it here.

T-Mobile Test Drive is free with no obligation to buy, but if the iPhone 5s comes back with a cracked screen, damaged screen display, water damage, active Find My iPhone feature, or can't be powered on we have to charge a $100 damage fee. Phone must be returned to a T-Mobile store within 7 days of delivery to avoid credit card charge for phone and tax.

A hold will be placed on your credit or debit card for up to the amount of the device and tax. The timing of releasing that hold will vary by credit card company. We won't charge your card unless you fail to return the device.

Got it? Good. Now go give our network a workout.

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Who can participate in T-Mobile Test Drive?

Anyone can participate in T-Mobile’s Test Drive program. The only requirements are that a valid credit or debit card be provided that will be charged if the device is not returned within 7 days and the device must be shipped for the Test Drive to a U.S. address within T-Mobile coverage area.

How many times can I participate in T-Mobile Test Drive?

You may request one Test Drive. One Test Drive per credit card and billing address is permitted.

I have more questions regarding Test Drive, and may need assistance with my order – is there someone I can speak with?

Yes, please contact our Test Drive customer service reps at 1-855-694-1564 FREE, Sun 6:00 am – 3:30 pm Pacific, Mon – Fri 5:00 am – 6:00 pm Pacific, Sat 5:30 am – 6:00 pm Pacific.

Can I request that a Test Drive phone be shipped to an address other than my home address?

Test Drive phones must be shipped to the address used for the credit/debit card billing address. This measure helps to ensure the device is sent to the address of the cardholder since the card is charged when a Test Drive phone is not returned.

Can I pick up a Test Drive phone from a retail store?

No, at this time Test Drive phones can only be ordered online at A T-Mobile representative will help direct you to the website to sign up if you prefer to do that in store.

Do I need a credit card to participate?

Yes, to ensure the devices are returned, we’ll hold a credit or debit card* that will be charged if the device is not returned or returned damaged. The credit card is the only method we are setting up to handle these charges, we will not have a system for accepting cash, checks or any other form of payment/deposit. However, if the device is returned damaged, you may pay the damage fee in store using any form of payment.

*(Some banks may take up to two weeks to post the released credit hold to a card.)

How long will it take for me to receive a Test Drive phone?

Once ordered, the phone will be sent to you via 2 day shipping.

What can I do with the Test Drive phone?

Use your Test Drive phone to try out our 4G LTE network! Test Drive phones can make unlimited calls, texts, and use data on your smartphone (including up to 5GB of Smartphone Mobile HotSpot Service and 50MB of data roaming) on T-Mobile’s network, in the U.S., plus Mexico and Canada at no extra charge. With each phone updated with iOS 8 you can even give Wi-Fi calling a try! International phone calls and roaming outside of Mexico and Canada are not included. You’re free to download apps, add e-mail or personalize the device in other ways, but please note that charges apply for premium and added services.

Is an Apple ID required to use the Test Drive phone?

No. During the initial setup, you can skip signing in with or creating an Apple ID. An Apple ID will be required though if you want to download from the App Store or iTunes.

Can I add services/features to my Test Drive phone?

We do not recommend that you add money to the prepaid account for additional services like 411, content downloads or international calling outside of Mexico and Canada. It is technically possible for you to add funds to the account while the service is in your possession, but T-Mobile will not be able to refund any remaining balance at the end of the trial. (Charges apply for premium and added services.)

Will I be able to use my own phone number on the Test Drive phone?

The Test Drive phone will arrive in working condition with a phone number already assigned by T-Mobile. You cannot change this number, but are welcome to use call forwarding from your current phone to receive calls on the Test Drive phone if you would like. Existing customers with a compatible T-Mobile nano SIM can simply replace the SIM provided and they will experience their own service (phone number and rate plan) on the 4G LTE network. The phone is SIM –locked to the T-Mobile network.

What if the Test Drive phone is lost or stolen?

Your credit card will be charged for any Test Drive phone (and applicable taxes) that is not returned at the end of the trial.

What happens if the Test Drive phone is damaged?

If the Test Drive phone is damaged, you must pay a damage fee ($100) when returning the phone. Damage fee will not be assessed for scratches on the device. A damage fee will be charged for a cracked screen, water damage, or for a device that does not power on. In addition, if you do not disable the “Find my iPhone” feature we may charge the $100 damage fee.

Why is the phone number on my Test Drive phone not in my area code?

Since the phone number is not intended for permanent use, phone numbers will be assigned randomly to the trial devices. It is possible that you may receive a number from anywhere within the United States.

Can I buy the phone I’ve been using when the trial is complete?

Sorry, you cannot purchase the Test Drive phone once your trial has ended. While you may want to keep the Test Drive phone and add ongoing T-Mobile service to it, those phones are specifically assigned to the trial. Instead you can close out your Test Drive by returning the trial phone and can shop among the great selection of T-Mobile’s 4G LTE phones for permanent use.

Can I keep the phone number I’ve been using during the trial?

Sorry, no you cannot keep the phone number your Test Drive phone was assigned. This phone number is specific for the Test Drive program only.

Why do I have to return the Test Drive phone to a T-Mobile store?

At a physical retail location, a T-Mobile representative will inspect the device for damage and assist you in getting any personal information off the device. At that point, you can also be assured on the spot that your credit or debit card will or won’t be charged.

How can I find a T-Mobile store close to me?

Please look up the store closest to you on our store locator. Be sure to look for the locations marked with the magenta pin drop; these are T-Mobile retail stores. Locations marked with a blue pin drop are T-Mobile authorized retailers and these locations cannot accept Test Drive devices.

Can the Test Drive phone be returned to an authorized T-Mobile retailer?

No. Only T-Mobile retail stores can accept Test Drive returns. Our authorized retailers do not have the systems to process a Test Drive return. You can locate the nearest T-Mobile store to you on by checking our store locator.

What if I mail back the Test Drive phone?

If your Test Drive phone is not returned to a T-Mobile retail store by the due date your credit card will be automatically charged. T-Mobile cannot guarantee that a participant will not be charged for an unreturned device if it is mailed. If you want to avoid getting charged automatically, please return the phone to a retail location by the due date.

When does the Test Drive phone need to be returned?

Test Drive phone must be returned to a T-Mobile store by completion of the 7 day trial.

How is this program different than T-Mobile’s existing remorse policy?

Our existing 14 day return policy gives customers the opportunity to return a device and cancel service they have signed up for if they ultimately decide that T-Mobile is not the choice for them. Test Drive doesn’t require you to sign up for service, port your number or discontinue service with your old carrier. Test Drive is a no obligation trial while the remorse policy is a return mechanism.