T-Mobile’s Lifetime Coverage Guarantee

Coverage so good we guarantee it.

If you haven't tried our network lately, you haven't tried it period.

Our network isn’t what it was even two years ago. We’ve more than doubled our LTE coverage in that time, and we now cover more than 300 million people across the country.

We are so sure that you are going to love our coverage—we’re offering a lifetime coverage satisfaction guarantee.

Get started with the new iPhone 6s or 6s Plus
T-Mobile has more than doubled our LTE coverage over the past two years.
  • 4G LTE coverage
  • Partner coverage

How our guarantee works


Trade in an eligible device and you can get a new JUMP! On Demand eligible device like the all-new iPhone 6s 16GB for $0 upfront and just $27 per month. Or get the iPhone 6s Plus for $0 upfront and $31 per month.

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Within 30 days, if you’re not satisfied, call or visit one of our participating T-Mobile stores to return your device for a full refund of service and device related costs.


Can’t decide within 30 days? Call us and we'll unlock your phone so you can keep it and use it elsewhere while you continue to make interest-free device payments with JUMP! On Demand. Plus, you’ll receive a refund of your current month of service.

Get T-Mobile’s Lifetime Coverage Guarantee with the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus

Get the iPhone you want with the coverage you need—guaranteed.

Our new Lifetime Coverage Guarantee is yours when you get the new iPhone with JUMP! On Demand.

With JUMP! On Demand, you can switch to the latest iPhone for $0 up front and only $27 per month. Upgrade your phone up to three times per year with no waiting period or upgrade fees.


Is the coverage guarantee only for customers on JUMP! On Demand?

Yes, the Lifetime Coverage Satisfaction Guarantee is for JUMP! On Demand customers.

Who can take advantage of the coverage satisfaction guarantee?

All customers, including business customers, who have an eligible device with JUMP! On Demand are eligible. You must call us or visit a T‑Mobile store to enact your Lifetime Coverage Guarantee benefits before cancelling or porting service to another company.

If I decide to leave and keep my device how will I know if my device is compatible with the other carrier?

While the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are universally compatible with other carrier networks, other devices in our portfolio that are offered with our Lifetime Coverage Guarantee may not be fully compatible with all other wireless networks. When unlocked they may or may not provide an optimal customer experience when taken to another carrier. Please refer to this chart for guidance:

Device Verizon Sprint AT&T
iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s & 6s PlusUniversally compatibleUniversally compatibleVoice, Data & Text (Except for Band 30)
Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 EdgeNot compatible for voice service or data. Possible data-only service on LTENot compatible for voice or data.
Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+
Samsung Note 4
Samsung Galaxy Note5
What does “universally compatible” mean?

Devices that are already configured to work on any network across all carriers and networks across the globe.

How long do I have to sign-up for the offer?

The benefits of the guarantee are good for as long as you’re making your monthly device payments with T-Mobile for the life of that phone from T-Mobile.

If I’m not satisfied, what are the steps to get my refund?
  • You MUST call us or visit a T-Mobile store to enact your Lifetime Coverage Guarantee benefits before cancelling or porting service to another company.
  • Any refunds would be applied to the account in the form of a bill credit.
What about handset insurance? Can I keep that through T-Mobile if I cancel service? If I don’t have it, can I sign up for it when I cancel service?

If you did not initially sign up for handset insurance or Premium Handset Protection (PHP), then at time of cancellation you will be able to sign up for PHP, when you call us or visit one of our T-Mobile stores.

What if my phone is lost or stolen before I can turn it in?
  • Customers are financially responsible for any lost or stolen phones.
  • We recommend for customers who wish to protect their investment sign up for one of our insurance programs.*
Can I get the Lifetime Coverage Guarantee at the Apple Store or any other retailer like Costco or WalMart?

You can only receive an eligible device through one of our JUMP! On Demand enabled channels: T-Mobile’s retail stores, or by calling 800.T-MOBILE.

How do I need to prove/show that I am “unsatisfied” with the network in order to do this?
  • Simply call us and let us know you’re not satisfied.
  • We’ll take your word for it and honor your request.
  • You MUST call us or visit a T-Mobile store to enact your Lifetime Coverage Guarantee benefits before cancelling or porting service to another company.
What are all the charges that T-Mobile will cover if I leave? Will you pay for me to switch back to my old carrier?
  • T-Mobile will cover monthly service charges, taxes, and fees.
  • You are responsible for any third party or incremental services or features that you’ve added to your phone.
  • If you leave before 30 days, T-Mobile will refund your SIM starter kit cost and you will not be charged for restocking.
  • All fees associated with start up at another carrier are not covered.
How long do I have to stay on T-Mobile before I can unlock my new device and take it elsewhere?
  • One full bill cycle must be paid prior to unlocking the device.
So if I cancel service you’ll unlock the phone, but if I keep the service the phone is still locked?

You can request to have the phone unlocked per our unlock policy for instances where you travel internationally, etc. Please refer to our standard unlocking policy: http://www.t-mobile.com/company/companyinfo.aspx?tp=Abt_Tab_CompanySimUnlockPolicy

What’s the penalty for leaving T-Mobile with an unlocked iPhone?

There’s no penalty or early termination fees. We simply ask that you give us a month to try us out!