Concentrated where you need it most

You need fast, reliable data to live, play, and work to the fullest. That’s why we designed our network differently—for data. Our cell sites are built closer together than any other major national carrier. And, we bring you a more densely packed network where more people need more data. With big moves come big rewards. T-Mobile's network has more data capacity than any other major national carrier.

This is the Data Strong promise. The fastest nationwide 4G LTE network—getting faster all the time—delivers more consistent LTE speeds than any other major national carrier. Even during the busy times, you’re more likely to get fast data when you need it the most. Download, surf, and stream to your heart’s content with T-Mobile. We’re dedicated to delivering the 4G LTE speeds you deserve.

Introducing T-Mobile Test Drive

The T-Mobile® network has never been stronger, but don’t take our word for it. Try out our network for free for 7 days on an iPhone 5s. Stream, text, download, make calls—and take the network built for speed for a spin.

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We're making music history

From now on, stream all the music you want on your phone and tablet while on our blazing-fast nationwide 4G LTE network. Data charges do NOT apply. Get unlimited streaming from Pandora, iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, and more—without charges—just for being a Simple Choice customer.

Plus, you get unlimited talk, text, and data while on our network for everyone on your plan, including over 120 destinations around the world. All with no overages. Ever.

Get Music Freedom

Coverage where you live

Our network reaches over 230 million people, with a more densely packed network where more people need our network the most. And, we’re reaching out with the fastest nationwide 4G LTE speeds. See how the network designed for data performs in your neighborhood.

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